Backstage Pass to Sitka’s Attractions, History & Culture

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One look at Sitka and you’ll know why Alexander Baranof, governor of the Russian American Company, decided to build his “castle” here. Framed by views of island-studded waters and the elegant profile of volcanic Mount Edgecumbe, Sitka is Alaska’s most beautiful coastal community. There is much evidence on display to showcase the town’s fascinating history and blend of cultures: Tlingit art and totem poles, Russian architecture, and the remains of WWII-era military fortifications now being reclaimed by the rainforest. Sitka is also home to the Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center, the Fortress of the Bear rescue facility, and many other world-class attractions, museums, art galleries and shops. Click here to access the Visit Sitka website to learn more ( .

We highly recommend that you set aside one day of your time – before, during or after your stay at Latitude 57 Lodge – to immerse yourself in this fascinating community. Our staff will do everything they can to assist you in making it another highlight of your vacation.